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Moonclan Grot Warband

I've just been reading through the new Generals handbook from GW, which is full of some great new gameplay modes for Age of Sigmar. Of particular interest to me is the "Path to Glory" campaign section which features a number of tables enabling you to take part in a campaign where your warband grows in size and skill from game to game. Naturally enough only the "modern" factions are featured, so I thought I'd develop some tables for some of the omitted factions. Starting with those closest to my heart, the Moonclan Grots.

Moonclan Grot Warband

Use the following tables to determine the champion that leads your warband, the followers that make up the units which fight at their side, and the rewards they can receive after battle.

Champion Table

Grot Warboss on Great Cave Squig7 units
Grot Warboss7 units

Retinue Followers

120 Grots
220 Grots
320 Grots
41 Grot Fanatic
55 Grot Squig Herders
65 Grot Squig Hoppers

"Heroic" Followers

1-21 Grot Warboss
3-41 Grot Shaman
5-61 Grot Warboss on Great Cave Squig

Big 'uns & Squiggly beasties

15 Cave Squigs
23 Sourbreath Troggoths
33 Fellwater Troggoths
43 Rockgut Troggoths
51 Aleguzzler Gargant
61 Mangler squigs

Followers Rewards

Only units with the Grot keyword can roll on this table.

1 Bad Moon Blessing: Once per battle, in your hero phase, you can declare that the unit is calling upon the blessing of the bad moon. If you do, the unit becomes shrouded in murky dankness, and also dank murkiness. Thanks to all the murkiness, not to mention the dank, the unit gains the benefits of being in cover until the start of your next turn.
2 Fungus Beer: As reward for its semi-loyal service, the unit has been gifted a life time supply of fungus beer by your champion. Given the typical lifespan of a Grot (or Squig), this offer is perhaps not as generous as it sounds, but it does mean the unit is filled with rather un-Grotly courage for the remainder of its (doubtlessly curtailed) days. This unit never has to take battleshock tests.
3 Tricksy Traps: The unit is adept at the art of laying out spiky pit traps, throat-high wires, spring-loaded stakes and other hilarious ploys to keep the enemy on their toes. Once per battle, in your hero phase, select 1 enemy unit with 3" of this unit. Roll 1 die for each model in this unit that is within 3" of the enemy unit. The enemy suffers 1 Mortal Wound for each roll of 4+.
4 Prodders: The unit has got it's hands on some good-quality, but more importantly very long squig prodders. Increase the range of the units melee weapons by 1".
5 Run for it!: The unit has gotten very good at getting out of harms way. If the unit retreats it may move an extra 1d6". This does not prevent it from shooting any missile weapons it may have, but any such shots are at -1 to hit.
6 Sneaky Gits: Instead of setting up this unit at the start of the battle, you may declare that it has decided to take an underground shortcut the leader heard about from one of his mates. If you do, roll 1 die on the following table in any of your hero phases:
1 "I'm sure it was around 'ere somewhere...": The unit is lost underground. They do not arrive this turn. You may roll again on this table in any of your subsequent hero phases.
2 "Surpr - wait, where are we?": Select a table edge at random. Your opponent may set the unit up so that all models from the unit are within 6" of that table edge. This counts as the units move for the turn.
3-5 "Surprise!": Select any table edge. Set the unit up so that all models from the unit are within 6" of that table edge, and more than 9" from enemy models. This counts as the units move for the turn.
6 "SURPRISE!!": - Set the unit up anywhere on the table that is more than 9" from an enemy model. This counts as the units move for the turn.

Champion Rewards

2 Humiliating Death: Your champion has fallen victim to a lethal trap set by a rival. He is dead, and takes no further part in the campaign. Immediately replace the champion with a new Grot Warboss or Grot Warboss on Great Cave Squig. The new champion has no rewards, but may gain some later in the campaign as normal. In addition, so humiliating was the nature of the old champion's demise, that the tale of it spreads throughout the realms. Lose 1 glory point.
3 Feed 'em to da Squigs: So brutal was your champions reprisals for the last power play by a rival, the warband is almost more afraid of your champion than they are of the enemy. Almost. Units from this champions warband gain +1 Bravery if it has any models within 9" of the champion.
4 'Shrooms: The Champions mushroom patch has been coming on nicely, what with all the blood and offal they've been able to feed it of late. As might be expected of Grot fungiculture, the effects are somewhat unpredictable. Of course your champion is much too kunnin' to test the 'shrooms on himself, that's what followers are for, after all. Once per battle, in your hero phase, you may declare that the champion is distributing some 'Shrooms to a Moonclan unit from your warband within 3" that is not within 3" of an enemy model. If you do, roll 1 die on the following table:
D6 Result
1 "Aaaargh!": The 'shrooms have caused the unit to see something no Grot ought to see. The unit must take an immediate battleshock test.
2 "I fink I'm gonna...": The unit sustains D3 mortal wounds. The lost models are not dead, necescarilly, but they no longer feel like taking part in the battle.
3 "Meh": The 'shrooms have no effect.
4 "leggit": The unit may immediately move up to 1d6". This does not prevent them from moving later in the turn.
5 "I can't feel my...": the unit regains 1d3 wounds, or 1d3 lost models if the unit consists only of models with 1 wound.
6 "That's more like it!": The 'shrooms have a revivifying effect on the grots espirt de corp. If the unit has lost any models so far, you may now restore it to full strength.
5 Madcap: The rare and prized madcap mushroom is an essential ingredient in the potent brew that turns a weedy grot into a deadly fanatic. Your champion has managed to get his hands on a supply, and distributes very small amounts of the mighty mushroom to those troops in need of a little extra "umph". Once per battle, in your hero phase, your champion may order one Moonclan unit from your warband to consume the madcap ration they were given before the battle. If he does so, roll one die on the following table:
1-2"I dunno what I done wiv it, boss": the unit has "lost" their piece of madcap. Nothing happens.
3-5"gerrem off me!": The unit really doesn't want to deal with what's attacking them right now. Until the start of your next turn, the unit may reroll any missed hits.
6"AIEEE!!!": The unit gains +1 to the attacks characteristic of all its melee weapons until the start of your next turn.
6 Shamanshroom: Moonclan grot shamans gain much of their insight from their constant contact with various strains of psychadelic mushrooms. Inevitably they overdo it, and their emaciated bodies become riddled with spores and fungal growths. Many promising shamanistic careers come to an end as nothing more than a vaguely grot shaped patch of fungi. Naturally, a grot wouldn't baulk at investigating what their erstwhile colleagues taste like...once per battle, in your hero phase, your champion may declare that he is consuming a piece of shamanshroom. If he does so he may immediately cast the arcane bolt spell, as though he were a wizard.
7 Chuckin' Squigs: Some squigs are too small to ride into battle, but you wouldn't necescarilly want one thrown in your face. Chuckin' Squigs are a missile weapon with the following profile:
Missile WeaponsRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundRendDamage
Chuckin' Squigs12"14+4+-1
8 Bad Moon Banner: Your champion has come into possession of the dreaded Bad Moon Banner, a gift from the inedible Bad Moon itself, and now carries it proudly into battle. The champion gains the Totem keyword. In addition, the banner is permanently shrouded in dim darkness, and also dark dimness. Thanks to all the dimness, to say nothing of the darkness, the champion, and any unit from your warband with models withing 6" of him, count as being in cover.
9 Kick 'em when they're down!: The champion has become an expert in sticking the boot in. When attacking a model that has already been wounded this turn, the champion gets +1 to hit with all of his weapons.
10 Behind Ya!: Your champion distracts the enemy with a subtle ruse. Sadly, it's the kind of tactic that tends to only work the once. Once per battle, when an enemy unit declares that it is attacking your champion, you may declare that your champion is using this reward. If you do, all of the enemy units hit rolls against the champion are at -1.
11 Right in da 'urty bitz!: Your champion is adept at taking advantage of a foe who's attention is elsewhere. Your champion gains +1 to hit with all of his melee weapons if there is another friendly model within 3" of the target.
12 Blast from da past: One night, possibly after a particularly potent mushroom, your champion is visited in a dream by the legendary Grot hero Skarsnik. Having been weaned on stories of the wily git from long ago, your champion pumps the old boy for tips. Placing an avuncular arm around your champion, Skarsnik shares some of his sneaky wisdom. When he wakes up, your champion has a headache and some ideas for the next scrap. Before battle begins, you may nominate one enemy unit that is not otherwise subject to a special deployment rule and declare that it has been delayed by an engineered rockfall, squig assault, net traps or other such devilment. The unit you pick is not set up with the rest of your opponents army. Instead your opponent may set it up at the start of their first hero phase, so that all models from the unit are within 6" of the table edge and more than 9" from an enemy model. This counts as the units move for that turn.

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